Talking with Matthew Astone

This 28 minute long podcast episode is an interview with our friend and contemporary worship leader, Matthew Astone! It’s a wonderful and real talk about what it means to be inclusive, Matt’s story, our stories, and our church. We also chat about:

  • The Wizard of Oz!
  • Terrible teachers
  • and more!


39. Adulting in the Church (with special guest, Jody Mask)

This 51 minute long podcast episode is about Youth in the Church and What It Means to be an Adult. We talk this over with Jody Mask, Associate Pastor of Markham Woods Presbyterian Church (and our first ever guest!) We also talk about…

  • Embarrasing stories from our teenage years
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Songs about the Constitutional Amendments
  • Disney’s Utilidoor
  • Hypercolor
  • Samson and Delilah
  • More!

38. No Applause Needed

This 32 minute long podcast episode is about being Always Open with No Applause Needed. We also talk about…

  • Florida Man and Florida Hospital
  • Megan’s cringe-worthy childhood piano recitals
  • Rapid otters
  • How to share good news on Facebook without bragging or stroking our own egos (No clear answer arrived at…)
  • Related Sermon Here!

Podcast 34: Temper and Self-Control

This 30 minute long podcast episode is about Temper and Self-Control. But before we even get to that, we talk about…

  • Putting a frog in the freezer!
  • New Year’s Resolutions!
  • We say farewell to our dead lizard!
  • How to deal with an angry boss
  • So much more!

Podcast 32: Constellation

We finished our yearlong project, but we still have stuff to say!

This 36 minute long podcast episode is about Constellation, our new sermon series. But before we even get to that, we talk about…

  • Christmas cookies and cards!
  • How Megan never buys herself anything!
  • How weird the lectionary and Advent are!
  • Megan’s bag smells a little like dog food!
  • So much more!

Podcast 31: Family

Here is Megan and Dave’s 31st episode of the Everything Jesus Taught Podcast!

In this 26 minute long podcast episode, we talk about Family and Divorce, Kids, Fidelity and Spiritual Family. We also chat about:

  • Whether kids should choose their own religion
  • We don’t really discuss that, because of course they shouldn’t.
  • They also shouldn’t get to choose whether or not to brush their teeth.