Podcast Episode 17

Here is Megan and Dave’s 17th episode of the Everything Jesus Taught Podcast!

In this 21 minute long podcast episode, we talk about forgiving over and over again. We also chat about:

  • Anti-social sheep
  • Statistics
  • The time we thought our dog ran away, but she was asleep while deaf
  • How to reach out to people who left a community
  • Eating dinners with sinners

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Podcast Episode 16

Here is Megan and Dave’s 16th episode of the Everything Jesus Taught Podcast!

In this 24 minute long podcast episode, we talk about resentments. We also chat about:

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Forgiveness and Resentments

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I have a notoriously bad memory. I can’t remember anything. Which is funny because at least half of Megan’s and my conversations involve reminiscing. and I really love them because for me it’s like storytime! Megan tell me great stories about when the kids were little, or things we did in New York and she assures me that I was there! And I’m sure I was. But I sure can’t remember. At least not the details.

I do however have perfect recall of every time I’ve been hurt! And especially for every time someone hurt or was less than kind and considerate to someone in my family. There are 12-14 year olds in Ohio who I would probably recognize right now because they wouldn’t share with Mac or Andrew 10 years ago. They’re still on my list and they’d better watch their backs. No, not really. I forgive all of them, if they even did anything wrong.

It’s just funny how memories work. At least how mine works, or doesn’t. Beautiful perfect days all fade into each other and eventually away. But anything unpleasant? 4K HD resolution forever.
Our memories are like that with resentments.

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The Jesus teaching that we are going to look at today takes us into a story of family dynamics. He talks about two brothers, and their father. And if you have a brother or sister or even a cousin or friend that hung around a lot, this story will strike a chord with you.

Earlier this week was national sibling day, and people all over social media were posting pictures of with their brothers and sister, saying how much they love them. And we do love them… for the most part.

On the other hand, we also know that having a sibling means feeling the deep and real sting of things being unfair.

Think back to when you were a kid. Even when our parents tried their hardest to keep things equal, we are always alert, as kids, to any slight, any favoritism…anything that might be unfair.

I have one sister, a few years older than me. And I can still remember a moment when I was 8, and she was 13. 8 for me was an especially annoying year, and as soon as my mom left the room, I unleashed all of my 8 year old obnoxious powers on my teenage sister. She retaliated by yelling at me to stop.

Well, I had two choices.

I could stop.

Or I could flick her.

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Podcast Episode 14

Here is Megan and Dave’s 14th episode of the Everything Jesus Taught Podcast!

In this 22 minute long podcast episode, they talk about forgiveness. They also chat about:

  • Unfairness
  • The price of orange juice at restaurants
  • Dogs shaking hands
  • Kale
  • Cadbury Egg S’mores
  • Why forgiveness is so hard for us

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Easter: The Foundation of Forgiveness

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Easter is a great day to be in church, and on this particular year, it is not only Easter but also…. April Fools Day. Which opens up so. many. possibilities. to mess with the children in our lives today.

Possibilities to do things like this:

One parent unwrapped all the chocolate candy and used the wrappers to wrap us these grapes to put in their kids Easter basket. And what is a parent supposed to do with all that chocolate? Guess we better eat it.

Another parent filled Easter eggs. But not with candy. With vegetables.

Or there was another parent who was really committed and carefully filled this chocolate bunny… with mustard.

There is this Easter basket filled not with toys or candy but with …. cleaning supplies.

Or, I think this one’s my favorite- this person made cake pops with a chocolate coating surrounding…Brussel sprouts.

This Easter may be April Fool’s Day, but this Easter, like every Easter, we come together as the church. The lilies are ready. The music is prepared. The ham is cooking.

And, once again this year, we read the story of Easter in the Bible. The story of what happened on that Sunday morning nearly 2000 years ago is the most important story of why we believe Jesus was more than just a man.

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