Podcast Episode 2

Listen to Megan and Dave’s second episode in the Everything Jesus Taught podcast series!

In this episode, Megan and Dave chat with each other about:

  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Westboro Baptist Church
  • Circumcision!
  • How they avoid being hypocrites as parents
  • DIY projects

and much more!

Listen, comment, subscribe, share, and ask questions for them to answer on the next episode!

4 Replies to “Podcast Episode 2”

  1. I know individuals who claim to be Christians yet they do not seem to act as Jesus taught, For example, they go to church regularly, pray before every meal, teach and attend bible studies, however they also are arrogant, greedy, mean and derogatory to coworkers and certain classes of people. Unless I am mistaken the primary action a person has to do to become a Christian is to believe that Jesus is their Lord and savior. They do not “Love your neighbor as they love themselves”. They get he second part but not the first. I refer to them as basic membership Christians. I guess they will receive some of the benefits but not all. Is this an accurate interpretation?

    1. I think that’s fair. But I’d qualify it. People who act like you describe aren’t getting all the benefits of Christianity NOW. They would be much happier and fulfilled if they let go of their self-righteousness and truly loved their neighbors. For that matter, so would I.

  2. Loved the podcast! Interesting range of topics everything from circumcision to courage to integrity. Your sermon on courage was really inspiring Megan and really looking forward to Dave’s sermon on integrity.

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