Podcast Episode 9

Here is Megan and Dave’s ninth episode of the Everything Jesus Taught Podcast!

In this 22 minute long podcast episode, they talk about pride. But they also chat about:

  • All the things “pride” means (including lions)
  • Self-esteem songs from elementary school
  • How we compare ourselves to others

Listen, comment, subscribe, share, and ask questions for them to answer on the next episode!

2 Replies to “Podcast Episode 9”

  1. Enjoyed the self awareness in the Pod. I admit nothing to anyone, so have some work to do. Looking forward to seeing what else I need to work on this week.

  2. Enjoying the show! I feel like I can relate to the lion expertise, as Addison is getting ready to perform the Lion King at school. We’ve watched The Lion King many times recently! And I definitely have both the good and bad ratings on my grocery cart depending upon the day.

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