Scarcity: Everything Jesus Taught about the American Way


As Americans, most of us wrestle with some level of a fear of there not being enough. We worry there won’t be enough for us, or that there won’t be enough to go around. The truth is this fear isn’t unfounded.  The competition that is at the core of our economy as Americans virtually assures that some will not have enough. For those who struggle each day to get food on the table or to make rent, scarcity isn’t a distant fear, it is is a reality.  This is the kind of hardship we have been talking about the past few weeks when we looked at what Jesus taught about social justice, and our call and responsibility to help those who need us.

But for today, I want us to focus on the fear of scarcity that isn’t grounded in a daily struggle to make ends meet. This is the kind of fear that shows up in us when we aren’t experiencing an actual hardship, but we still have a nagging feeling that there won’t be enough.  We hold on tight to what we have, we protect what’s ours, we worry about me and mine. When this happens, there really is enough for what we need, but we make decisions as if there isn’t. This is what we will call the scarcity mindset.

The scarcity mindset believes there will never be enough, and acts based on this perception of lack, whether there is truly a lack of resources or not.

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Podcast 23: Scarcity- EJT about the American Way!

Here is Megan and Dave’s 23rd episode of the Everything Jesus Taught Podcast!

In this 31 minute long podcast episode, we talk about Scarcity and Abundance as a part of everything Jesus taught about the American Way. We also chat about:

  • Paper towels and key lime pie
  • Closet space in the church
  • Multiplying wheelchairs!
  • Dave’s inability to throw away food
  • Our conflicted minimalist aspirations
  • Love and stuff

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